Healthy Fats On Low Carb Diet Foods That Must Be Known

Low Carb Diet Foods: Firstly, let me tell you that it’s a misconception that a Low Carb Diet Foods is also a high-protein diet. In truth, there should be a moderate amount of protein, a high amount of fat, and a little amount of carbohydrate.There are typically two types of protein: complete and incomplete.Complete protein just means that the food contains all the essential amino acids; meat and dairy are great examples of this. An incomplete protein contains amino acids, but not the full range of them; typically plant-based proteins are incomplete.For the purpose of this list, all sources are complete proteins.
SOURCES OF PROTEIN:BaconBeefBeef JerkyCheeseChickenChorizoCottage CheeseDuckEggsFishGreek YoghurtLambOrgan meats (heart, kidney, liver)PepperoniPorkProsciuttoSalami
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